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Natural Front Yards - Lawn Replacement - California Natives - Water conservation - Sustainable landscaping


Natural Front Yards (NFY)

NFY is a low cost, low maintenance, professionally installed lawn replacement program using primarily drought tolerant California native plants.


Let us replace your lawn with Beautiful California Natives!


Starting at only $4.50 per sq. ft.


EarthCare Landscaping Team


Lisa Gates


Lisa Gates

An Oregon State Alum wth a degree in Horticulture, Lisa Gates, transplanted to the SF Bay Area several years ago to work with EarthCare Landscaping. With a background in weather-based commercial irrigation, she heads up the installation division as well as overseeing all daily operations, promoting sustainable landscaping throughout the South SF Peninsula and the Santa Clara Valley.

Lisa purchased Cal EarthCare Landscaping from the founder, Ryan Marlinghaus, in June 2014.  

Ryan established EarthCare in the mid 1990s as one of the first of its kind at the time - a landscaping company dedicated to promoting and practicing the principles of sustainable and ecologically-minded landscaping techniques. We continue to practice these methods - utilizing organic compost tea and working without pesticides in our installation and maintenance teams.

Ryan has since moved on to focus on his architectural pervious concrete, called PrettyPervious™  and 'Poured Earth', a mix of concrete and on-site soil for walls, PerkTop™. See his site, Pervious Products .

Linda Garrett

Linda Garrett

Our Lead Designer, manager and design coordinator Linda Garrett is a licensed Landscape Architect having acquired her Bachelor of Science Degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of California at Davis She is a LEED Green Associate (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and a QWEL Certified Professional (Qualified Water Efficient Landscaper). Linda loves working to bring creative, inspiring and functional landscapes to life for EarthCare’s clients.  With over 25 years of professional experience, Linda is passionate about her work, and is skilled in many areas from site analysis and conceptual design through installation coordination and project management. She delights in designing residential gardens, as they are an opportunity to create imaginative and inspiring landscape designs, which reflect the unique needs and personal style of clientele. For her talents outside of work, Linda is an artist and published poet, enjoys dancing and hiking, and has great love and appreciation for the outdoors and the natural landscape.



Mark Chaves

Project Manager, Mark Chaves, started out 6 years ago as a driver for EarthCare Landscaping. With a background in mechanics he was able to oversee the fleet vehicles while learning hands on the construction side of the company. After 4 years in the field he was promoted to his current position where he enjoys working with clients to achieve their landscaping goals.


Ulan Garduno

Our maintenance manager, Ulan Garduno, heads up a special quarterly maintenance team of 4 long-term employees.  Working in the field for more than 25 years, Ulan is well versed in Integrated Pest Management, plant health, natural shape pruning, and irrigation maintenance.  He is a Certified Green Gardener.  Soil biology and the use of compost tea is his new passion!

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