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David Greene

...thank you again for the great job...the (olive tree) looks wonderful now.

At EarthCare Landscaping we are dedicated to promoting and practicing the principles of sustainable/ecological landscaping in the Bay area.

EarthCare Landscaping Bid Policy


We thank you for your interest in our company and the desire to work with us.

In an effort to respect your time and our teammates time, please review this page carefully prior to contacting us.

Geographic Range

Our office is located in San Jose and that is pretty much the center of our sphere of operation.
We service the mid-Peninsula, from about Brittan Avenue in San Carlos-Redwood City, down through San Jose.
We don't typically service Morgan Hill southward, nor Newark-Fremont and northward.

Getting a Bid - Bid Fee

Please be aware that for the first visit made by EarthCare to your site, we charge a $100 fee.  If you accept our bid, it is applied to work that we do for you. We offer very detailed estimates, broken down by category, which takes a great deal of thoughtful preparation & time.  You will find this very useful in making budgetary decisions.  We value your time and believe you will value ours as well. 

If you need more information before committing to a bid/site visit, we can offer a range of costs here.

Bid Process

There are two main types of bids, a Design Bid & an Installation Bid.
If you don't already have a design, then most likely your first visit with EarthCare will be to receive a design consultation.

If you already have a design or it is one of those rare situations where one is not necessary, then this first visit with EarthCare will be for an installation bid.

Depending on the scope of work desired, typically allow from 1 to 2 hours for this first meeting. We will offer input & feedback for you during this initial meeting. We can provide a list of references for you either before this meeting or with the bid later. Please allow from 1 to 2 weeks to receive your bid. Again, if you want to mitigate surprises, check out our costs prior to meeting with us to obtain a general understanding of what landscaping can incur.

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