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...thank you again for the great job...the (olive tree) looks wonderful now.

At EarthCare Landscaping we are dedicated to promoting and practicing the principles of sustainable/ecological landscaping in the Bay area.

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EarthCare Landscaping

EarthCare was founded in Cupertino in 1994. Since its inception, EarthCare has been dedicated to preserving the environment including people & their pets. See our Award & Certifications acknowledging our efforts, and How We Do It for more specifics.

We are a small company, currently employing 17 full-time, dedicated landscapers. The EarthCare Team is proud of the teams' integrity and effort to do the job well, and we stand behind our work. We feel this approach is a major contributor to our large base of repeat customers - they call us back for new projects and refer us to their friends, resulting in our being hard at work throughout the year. It is due to the recommendations of our clients and calls from people seeing our installations in their neighborhood, so much so, that we have never advertised for new clients. We deeply appreciate the relationships that have grown over the years, and the trust & respect our clients have shown us.

We endeavor to treat our employees with the same respect afforded us by our clients, which is probably why our employees stay with us. The average length of employment for an EarthCare employee is over 6 years. Most of our employees came to us with landscaping experience as well, so among us we have a phenomenal amount of landscape know-how. We pay our employees livable wages and share the profits of EarthCare with them as well.

We primarily focus on residential work, though we do have some commercial or Homeowners' Association installations as well. Our installation jobs can vary in scope widely, ranging from $1000 to $150,000 in cost, with $30,000 being about the average these days. As a rough rule of thumb one should expect to spend from $11 to $16 per square foot of landscaped area, but we are happy to share a general pricing sheet to get you started on understanding some costs. If full service landscaping costs are out of your budget, please visit NaturalFrontYards for an affordable, low maintenance, sustainable yard installed professionally.

We have gained a reputation for providing very thorough and detailed bids; see a Sample Install Bid to see why. We charge $100 to help offset some of our cost for this service. We do not negotiate on our bids, only on the scope of the work: We charge fixed costs that vary only due to site conditions & materials chosen. For more details, please view our Bid Fee Policy.

In spite of our commitment to sustainability and its sometimes more labor-intensive approach, we are able to keep our prices very competitive. On average this extra labor burden only adds 3% to the total cost of a project. We strive in all aspects of our business to keep our overhead down and our operations running efficiently so that our costs to you are minimized. It is a thin margin business.  We hope to make 10% net profits for the year and when that is achieved, half of it is shared with EarthCare's employees.

EarthCare values its place in the community; we thank you for taking the time to visit our site and for considering us for your next landscaping project!

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