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Residential Pervious Concrete

Once you understand the environmental importance of pervious materials, we feel you will love the results we are obtaining from pervious concrete as much as we do.

Some of the advantages to the use of pervious concrete are:

  • Protects our watershed

  • Recharges our groundwater

  • Reduces the heat island effect

  • Can benefit & protect one's trees

Rebates may be available from your city!

EarthCare Landscaping Announces... PerkTop™!

Ryan Marlinghaus devoted most of his time in his last years as owner of EarthCare to perfecting the art of pervious concrete and his results were PerkTop & PerkGrout.  For specific questions with pervious concrete or these products, please contact Ryan directly at 408  529-8571.


Learn how to make your own pervious concrete in our blog!

What is PerkTop™?


PerkTop™ is beautiful pervious concrete.  Regular pervious concrete is typically clunky and whitish with an irregular surface.  PerkTop™ is none of these, it is very fine-textured, with rich colors and an extremely consistent surface throughout.  Many different patterns can be created using PerkTop™ and literally any color is possible, from any shade of earth-tone to deep purples,  fire engine reds, and banana yellows.


PerkTop™ is:

  • many design possibilities

  • very fine textured

  • consistent finish

  • rich colors

  • durable

To learn more about beautiful pervious concrete please visit our new site:  www.PerviousProducts.com.



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