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PrettyPervious @ Work!  Over the years we have developed many additional applications for our PrettyPervious™ pervious concrete.


Pervious Grout:

A very popular application of PrettyPervious™ for our clients is as a grout for between flagstones &/or urbanite(recycled concrete laid as flagstone).  This is a great solution for the perennial problem of messy gravel &/or fines that tend to track everywhere and wash out.  Even though groundcover between stones can look nice, it is rarely a good solution in even modestly used ares, as it will not withstand much foot traffic and getting groundcover established can require a lot of maintenance and water.  Because of the lightweight aggregate and special fibers used in this blend of PrettyPervious™, it will remain flexible and crack-free for the life of the hardscape.  It can be sealed and applied in any size joint.  A patio grouted with PrettyPervious™ is an inexpensive and more environmental solution to setting stone in concrete, but it has all the benefits of durability and ease of maintenance.  PrettyPervious™ can be swept, blown and even pressure washed.


Pervious Concrete Overlay:

PrettyPervious™ can be used as an overlay on regular or pervious concrete.  This opens up a world of possibilities for existing landscapes.  For instance say you have an existing driveway that is in relatively decent shape, but has major cracks & shifting in the bottom 5' or 10' of it.  This last section could be removed, excavated to allow however much rainwater retention you would like, and installed with pervious concrete.  Then the PrettyPervious™ overlay could be applied in any color/s or design desired over the entire driveway, producing a brand new, more environmental driveway for less cost.

Pavers or Stone in Pervious Concrete:

Both typical interlocking pavers & the increasingly popular pervious interlocking pavers can be set in pervious concrete.  When typical interlocking pavers are set in pervious concrete, rainwater has no problem making its way through those tight gaps between the pavers that are typically filled with sand.  When setting pervious interlocking paver over pervious concrete this can simplify the installation process, by not having several specifically-graded gravels necessary for the base to contend with, and provide for longer durability.  Typically the pervious concrete need only be placed like a bed of mortar, about an inch thick, and set over 3/4" crushed drain rock. 

Fines/Decomposed Granite Replacement:

Specially designed polymer-modified PrettyPervious™ can be used as a substitute for fines/dg.  In this application it is typically applied about 1/2" thick on a geotextile fabric and over at least 2" of compacted base rock.  This process is much like how we set our fines/dg, but no borders are necessary.  The installed costs are usually about the same as fines/dg, but there are no fines to get washed out or tracked into the house and it is very easy to maintain.  It can be swept, blown or pressure washed and it never needs to be topped off or filled in.





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