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Pervious Concrete Rebates & Requirements

Guide to the San Francisco Green Landscaping Ordinance

Applies to:

  • Construction of a new building or addition of a dwelling unit.

  • Construction of a new garage or the addition of new parking.

  • Paving or repaving more than 200 sq. ft. of the front setback


50% of the surface in the front to be permeable, by using pervious hardscape or landscaping.

Applied to:

  • Parkings lots


20% of the surface be permeable.

Rebate Information

Install a driveway, patio, walkway or parking lot using permeable pavement material and receive a rebate of $1.50 per sq. ft.

Maximum residential rebate = $1,000

Maximum commercial rebate = $10,000

What is PerkTop™?


PerkTop™ is beautiful pervious concrete.  Regular pervious concrete is typically clunky and whitish with an irregular surface.  PerkTop™ is none of these, it is very fine-textured, with rich colors and an extremely consistent surface throughout.  Many different patterns can be created using PerkTop™ and literally any color is possible, from any shade of earth-tone to deep purples,  fire engine reds, and banana yellows.


PerkTop™ is:

  • many design possibilities

  • very fine textured

  • consistent finish

  • rich colors

  • durable

To learn more about beautiful pervious concrete please visit our new site:  www.PerviousProducts.com.



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