We would like to let you know that we are very happy with the design and installation of our backyard. We have already taken full advantage of it since last week & enjoy it very much. We just added to the growing recommendation of your company for PAMP parents' club database (please see forwarded email below). We are looking forward to the plants growing-in more in the next few months/ years to come!  We can envision our yard will become even more beautiful and enjoyable!

Dear moms/dads:

We used Earthcare landscaping company to design and install our small backyard (~1500SF) based on many recommendations on this list-- a summary was posted a few months ago.  The main points brought out include that they are environmental friendly, responsible, and at mid price range.

We are finally done!  We are glad to report that we are very happy with their service, well thought design, and how beautiful our backyard turns out.

(1) The designer (Deva), on-site coordinator (Lisa), owner (Ryan) and the construction team were all responisble, and easy to work with.

(2) The design was beautiful and captured all our need and more. (The design fee was very reasonable.)

(3) We were impressed with how much time and care the team put in for the stone work (we have flagstone pavement & a retaining wall).  They turn out great.

(4) We pretty much didn't have to over look the construction at all-- everything was auto pilot & well done.  That was a big plus for busy working parents like us.

(5) There were some price adjustments along the way (for example, we can re-use part of the concrete under the pavement), and we were pleased that they honestly reflected those changes and we were able to save some money.

(6) The plant selection is beautiful--very nice mixture of texture, shape, color, etc.  The irrigation system is adjusted specifically for the plants' need (only professional landscaper can do that!), so we anticipate that the plants can be taken care off easily & we can save on water.  The plant selection also meets our other requirements-- not attracting bees and not generating too much pollen.  We cannot wait for the plants to grow in more in the next few months/ years to come.

Best, -Connie

Connie & Sam

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