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Watershed Protection


EarthCare promotes and implements many ways to protect our local watershed.

The best way to keep pollutants out of our creeks and bay is to maintain rain & irrigation water onsite.

We can do this in many ways:

  • Installing more plantings than hardscape
  • When installing hardscapes, use permeable surfaces such as gravelpave, pervious pavers and pervious concrete.
  • Redirect downspouts to underground drywells
  • By using primarily drip irrigation for all plantings, including lawns, we can eliminate run-off in the dry season too

Following our organic & non-toxic practices is another way we help protect our vital watershed by minimizing the amount of hazardous chemicals that are introduced into our environment.

Why Protect Our Watershed?

A watershed is the area of land where all of the water that is under it or drains off of it goes into the same place.

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