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Subsurface Drip

Since installing our first subsurface drip irrigation for a lawn in 1997 we have installed dozens of these systems.  A typical subsurface system consists of a high-quality filter at the valve as well as an automatic flush valve at the end of the line.  These two components in addition to the already clog resistant emitters, helps ensure no clogging occurs.  The lines, which have these emitters built in every 12”, are typically laid out 16” apart in parallel lines a few inches deep.


The advantages of subsurface drip irrigated lawns are many:

  • 40% water savings vs. traditional sprinklers
  • No maintenance, no adjusting of errant sprinklers, etc.
  • Dry lawn surface, so toys, playsets, furniture stay dry
  • system can be turned on at any time of day
  • Less weed germination
  • No need for lawn aeration(in fact please don’t do it on these lawns)
  • No hardwater stains on nearby cars, fences, etc.
  • LEED & BIG credits?

At EarthCare Landscaping we are dedicated to promoting and practicing the principles of sustainable / ecological landscaping in the Bay Area.

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