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Water Conservation

There are many ways to reduce the use of water on our urban landscapes.

Since our beginning, over 16 years ago, EarthCare has made it a priority to conserve water for our clients.

We began with promoting home vegetable gardens, which can be excellent for the environment in many ways.

- Drought tolerant plants
- Drip irrigation
- Timers
- Grey water
- Sub-surface irrigation

These days we are more known for our extensive experience and know-how with California Natives.

Plants, California Natives

We have been early adopters of drip irrigation and its evolution over the years, including installing our first
Subsurface drip for lawns in 1997.

More recently there have been changes in the CA greywater laws, allowing it to be simpler to install in some instances.

In addition our traditional organic & nontoxic practices for promoting the health of the soil contribute to water conservation by making the plants healthier & stronger to begin with and the extra humus in the soil absorbs & retains more water.


Why Conserve Water?



Natural Front Yards - Lawn Replacement - California Natives - Water conservation - Sustainable landscaping


Natural Front Yards (NFY)

NFY is a low cost, low maintenance, professionally installed lawn replacement program using primarily drought tolerant California native plants.


Let us replace your lawn with Beautiful California Natives!


Starting at only $4.50 per sq. ft.


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