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Don’t tell anyone, but Lyngso Garden Materials in Redwood City, CA can make pervious concrete!  We just helped them to make a yard of pervious concrete out of their little batch plant and it worked great.  We put it in the back of one of their special concrete dump trucks, drove around for awhile and ...

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Organic and Non-Toxic

We use all organic fertilizers and treatment methods:

We primarily control weeds through the combined use of drip irrigation, layers of newspaper and a thick layer of mulch. It hasn't always been easy supplying our voracious need for newspaper.

In the past we have upon occasion been scolded for our ‘dumpster diving’ in our desperate attempt to collect enough newspaper.


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Over the years we have added some practices & techniques to our repertoire.

Our carpentry lasts a long time because we are careful about how we construct it, which includes using a non-toxic wood preservative on any lumber that may come into contact with soil and on fence posts, etc.

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