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At EarthCare Landscaping we are dedicated to promoting and practicing the principles of sustainable/ecological landscaping in the Bay area.

Low EE Concrete

Concrete has a reputation for having a lot of embodied energy. So at EarthCare we set out to do our part in minimizing this negative effect.
In addition to our pervious concrete, we have created poured earth and we have designed & installed thin concrete.

Poured Earth is basically concrete that has had the sand in it replaced with soil. The main environmental advantage to this product is that one is re-using onsite material.

For us, on pretty much all of our jobs, there ends up being excess soil. This excess soil often gets put into trucks & hauled away, sometimes even to the landfill as waste. A side benefit of the poured earth is that it looks beautiful! It naturally has a rustic, old world charm to it and it can be poured in any combination of colors.

pictures of poured earth or go to portfolio section where they are

Thin concrete is a high performance concrete that is poured around 1 1/2" thick. The nature of the concrete mix & the manner in which it is placed are the keys to its long-term durability & minimization of cracking. It looks just like regular concrete and can have color & be stamped like it, except it is usually given more joints.

Another major advantage to thin concrete is it can generally be poured over existing concrete without having to tear it all out. Thin concrete can also be used to replace asphalt driveways, where the asphalt is 2" to 3" thick & there is adequate base rock. The extra joints used in thin concrete can be used as an aesthetic element as evidenced in these pictures.

pictures of thin concrete

At EarthCare Landscaping we are dedicated to promoting and practicing the principles of sustainable / ecological landscaping in the Bay Area.

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