Landscape Design & Installation

We are dedicated to preserving the environment including people & their pets.  We do this by offering the most sustainable landscaping options currently known to those concerned about the environment.

Quarterly Maintenance Services

We offer a quarterly gardening service as well as one time or periodic clean-ups.  We specialize in maintaining drip irrigation systems, proper pruning and organic soil & plant health practices.

Pervious Concrete Pavement

We are pioneers in the design & installation of beautiful, decorative, architectural Pervious / Porous / Permeable Concrete & Pavement.

Scroll through the yard above to discover what sustainable landscaping means to us.

EarthCare Landscaping & Natural Front Yards

At EarthCare Landscaping, we are dedicated to preserving the environment including people & their pets.  We accomplish this by thoroughly researching and then making available, to those with similar values, the most sustainable landscape products & practices currently known. 

For a less customized option check out our Natural Front Yards program.

Our Results
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EarthCare offers complete landscape design and installation services for any project.

Some of the designs we perform in-house, but the majority are created by one of our designers within our large network. After discussing the scope of your needs with us, we will choose the most appropriate designer from within this network for your job. We collaborate with the designer to create unique, sustainable designs that incorporate the elements you desire.

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Watershed Protection


Downspouts to dry-wells to protect our watershed & for groundwater recharge.

Energy Conservation

Step Stones

Recycled concrete stepping stones colored with water-based stain.

Water Conservation

Front Yard

Native & drought tolerant plants irrigated with drip irrigation for water conservation.

Watershed Protection


Pervious Concrete to protect our creeks & bay

Organic & Non-toxic


Mulch over newspaper for organic weed control, water conservation & soil health.


Treated w/non-toxic wood preservative

Compost Tea

Part of a holistic approach to soil health

Energy Conservation

Shade Trees

Deciduous tree planted on the south side of the house for big energy savings.

LED Lights

For low energy use & durability!

Energy Conservation


Pavers or thin concrete over the existing concrete for low embodied energy.

Water Conservation

Back Yard

Lawn irrigated with sub-surface drip irrigation for 40% water savings!